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Computer Network Builders is an insured DBA owned solely by Kevin Gilbert. Kevin has been in IT Leadership for over two decades and has been involved with family businesses for almost three decades. Kevin brings that experience to Computer Network Builders’ approach. Kevin founded Computer Network Builders in 1998 with the goal is to provide high quality professional services that large companies use, but provide those services at a cost small business can afford.


Over the years, Computer Network Builders supported a national department store from Syracuse NY to the Ohio border; numerous home office installations; worked with several school districts in upstate NY; built home networks into new home construction, built their 250sqft server room; provided technical writing for a Fortune 1000 company; contributed to several national computer magazines including Fifth Gear Analytics; wrote an internationally recognized award winning computer game; provided Alumni support, and more.


Outside of Computer Network Builders, Kevin Gilbert’s professional life includes building a city-wide network for a 16,000 user organization;  building a multi-town Wide Area Network (WAN) for a 2,700 user organization; managing project teams with as many as 42 direct reports; managing a $15M capital project proposal; designed multi-city IT solutions for Fotune 1000 companies; and managing hosting and cloud hosting services for multi-million dollar accounts. In addition, Kevin has served New York State with positions in every level of education: University, College, Public K-12 Education, Private K-8 Education, Regional Information Centers, BOCES, Trade School, and served on a School Board for 5 years.


Computer Network Builders hires employees on an as-needed project-by-project basis. Those under employment are of the highest quality and bring Computer Network Builders’ dedication and expertise to every job they do.





Unauthorized use of Computer Network Builders is subject to criminal prosecution. All copyrights, licensing, duplication and distribution rights are held exclusively by Computer Network Builders. Questions should be submitted to cnetbuild@yahoo.com